The Story about Chef Tuoyo

Chef Tuoyo, a culinary virtuoso hailing from Africa, brings the rich tapestry of African cuisine to your doorstep with a delectable home delivery service.

Chef Tuoyo was founded by Chef Tuoyo Ejuetami, a culinary expert with over 15 years of experience in the food service industry. Chef Tuoyo values authenticity and rich flavours in the composition of Chef Tuoyo dishes and he travels extensively for recipe research and development. His zeal and passion for quality have driven the success of the restaurant and to date; Chef Tuoyo is known for its unique catalogue of mouth watering meals, all of which have protected rights accompanied by literary expression. Chef Tuoyo emphasised ethics as an underlying principle of Chef Tuoyo's values early on in the business and influenced the delivery of excellence & accountability. This has had a profound impact on the much-loved restaurant's culture and customer perception. By design, Chef Tuoyo does not hire 'chefs' but instead produces them. The kitchen operations are modelled around the training of skilled cooks who are able to bring the restaurant's dishes to life without changing the authentic flavours and pre-defined recipes.

To provide outstanding quality of service and products that promote the vibrancy and uniqueness of Africa through food.

To bring authentic Nigerian cuisine to every major city in the world and present Africa in its truest most legitimate form

Fresh taste at a great price, only for Delicious Food lover.


client feedback

Emeka R.

Thanks Chef Tuoyo for the wonderful meal.

Janet Z.

Thanks for the prompt online delivery service you offered to me and my family. Your food is delicious and I will certainly order more from you soon.

Ola S.

Thanks for the catering service and will certainly patronise again.

Femi A.

I tried this African food and I enjoyed it. Well done guys.

Rose B.

Great Jollof! I will try your meal deal soon.

Amaka S.

Thanks Chef tuoyo for the prompt delivery. I will surely visit again.

Yusuf L.

Delicious food for the food king in South East.

Mike K.

Thanks for the wonderful meal. God bless you.

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